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Desktop Visual Studio 2013 Express Guide

The FileExplorer3 project is best viewed and edited with Visual Studio 2013 Professional or better but it can also be compiled with the free Express version of Visual Stufio. This page explains the basic steps necessary to compile and start the FileExplorer3 project with the Desktop version Visual Studio 2013 Express.
  • Download the code repository from the Source Code or Download page and unzip it
  • Execute the Nuget.bat file in fileexplorer\build\Nuget.bat
  • Click on the FileExplorer3 - 2013.sln file in the fileexplorer\src\FileExplorer3\app sub-directory to review the solution in Visual Studio. You should see something similar to Figure 1.
  • Reload the missing WPF projects (if shown as absent) see Figure 2
  • Re-Add the Authentification.cs class into the Test.WPF project (see Figure 3 and 4)
  • Rebuild project and start if you see something similar as in Figure 5

Figure 1 The initial state of the Visual Studio Solution

Figure 2 Re-load the WPF projects that are shown as being unloaded

Figure 3 Add the missing AuthorizationKeys.cs file by browsing to the Copy of AuthorizationKeys.cs file, ...

Figure 4 ...renaming it into AuthorizationKeys.cs , and re-adding it into the project

Figure 5 A view of the repaired solution before compiling it

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