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Following a list of update in October 14 (3.0.19) update: (compared with 3.0.17)
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Miscellaneous updates
  • Fixed CloseTab in TabWindow mode always close current window.
  • Updated Caliburn.Micro to (from
  • Updated documentations.

New Demo projects
  • Test_UIScriptCommands - include a demo for each UIScriptCommand, which is serialized into xml. When Run is pressed, script command is deserialized from xml and executed using the current explorer window.
  • Test_DiagramingDemo - demonstrate CanvasDrag and ResizeEventProcessor.
  • Test_InputProcessor - demonstrate how individual input events are converted to IUIInput.
  • Test_NonShellDragDemo - originally in TestTemplate, shows how to use DragDropEventProcessor to drag files.
  • Test_ShellDragDemo - shows how to use DragDropEventProcessor to drag files
  • Test_TabDragDemo - shows how to use DragDropLiteEventProcessor to drag tabs.

  • Added IParameterDicStore, implementations include Memory (orginal ParameterDic approach), Disk which store and load from disk.
  • Added new ParameterDicConverter implementation, which uses IParameterDicConvertRule and IParameterDicConverter2 interface.
  • Variable now support executing parameterless method, variable and sub-parameter dictionary. e.g. {SubParameterDictionary.Variable.Method().Variable}
  • Added generic implementation for several script commands, e.g. ScriptCommands.SetProperty("{PSI}", (ProcessStartInfo p) => p.FileName, "{Value}")
  • Renamed ScriptCommands.AssignMethodResult to ExecuteFunc e.g. ScriptCommands.ExecuteFunc(iSupportDragVariable, (ISupportShellDrop isd) => isd.QueryDropDraggables(null), new object[] { }, destinationVariable, nextCommand);
  • Added ScriptCommands.IfAssigned, FilterArray, ForEachIfAnyValue, FormatText, Add/Subtract/Multiple/Divide/Modulo,
  • Added Break parameter for ScriptCommands.ForEach script command.
  • Added Parameter.CombineVariable() static method overload that accept

  • Extracted code from FileExplorer3.WPF and created new library FileExplorer.UIEventHub, which only dependent on FileExplorer.Scripting.
  • Added new solution FileExplorer - UIEventHub.sln
  • All original UIEventProcessors (e.g. Drag/DragLite/MultiSelect) are rewritten so the sequence of SciptCommand is visible in the source code, for examplesDragDropEventProcessor
  • All UIEventProcessors uses ViewModels properties only (so no dependency property), you can find how to implement it in the documentations
  • Added CanvasDrag/ResizeEventProcessor.

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