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FileExplorer2 is written using Cinch v2 MVVM framework.
FileExplorer2 includes Breadcrumb, FolderTree, FileList, Toolbar and Statusbar.

Major features included:
  • Shell
    • List directories and files (start from Desktop)
    • Context menu
    • Rename inside the control
    • Drag and Drop support to and from other application
    • Monitor file system so automatically refresh when file system is changed
  • Performance
    • Sub-items are loaded in background
    • Lookup directory in DirectoryTree in background (v2: use bounty system to avoid UI freezing.)
    • Construction of ListViewItems and TreeViewItems are virtualized
  • DirectoryTree
    • Setable root directory
    • Setable and getable selected directory, directory lookup.
  • FileList
    • Multi-Select support using dragging
    • Sort using grid column header, which is visible even in other view.
    • Getable selected entries
    • Multiple view mode (e.g. LargeIcon)

More info can be found on Codeproject (

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