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Serializable, Create a new Explorer IExplorerViewModel instance in ParameterDic, but does not show it.
public static IScriptCommand ExplorerNewWindow(
    string onModelCreatedVariable = "{OnModelCreated}", string onViewAttachedVariable = "{OnViewAttached}",
    string windowManagerVariable = "{WindowManager}", string eventAggregatorVariable = "{Events}",
    string explorerVariable = "{Explorer}", IScriptCommand nextCommand = null
    return ExplorerCreate(ExplorerMode.Normal, onModelCreatedVariable, onViewAttachedVariable, windowManagerVariable, eventAggregatorVariable, 
        explorerShow(windowManagerVariable, explorerVariable, null, null, null, nextCommand)); 

Please see ScriptCommandInitializer for information related to the OnModelCreated and OnViewAttached parameters.

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