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Following a list of update in December 14 (3.0.20) update: (compared with 3.0.19)
Previous Update

Bookmark support
  • Added BookmarkProfile, which is first non-disk based profile.
  • BookmarkModel are parsable (e.g. Bookmarks/SourceCodes/Shell) and draggable. (modified UIEventHub to make non shell based items draggable)
  • Added IProfile.DeleteCommand and CreateFolderCommand, which is IScriptCommand used by context menu.
  • Enable by assigning a BookmarkProfile and setting IBreadcrumbViewModel.EnableBookmark property, or set {EnableBookmark} variable to true (default false).
string bookmarkPath = @"C:\Bookmark.xml";
BookmarkProfile _profileBm = new BookmarkProfile(_profileEx as IDiskProfile, bookmarkPath,
        new IProfile[] { _profileEx, _profileSkyDrive, ... });

ScriptRunner.RunScriptAsync(new ParameterDic() {                   
        { "EnableBookmark", _enableBookmark }
    IOScriptCommands.ExplorerNewWindow(_profiles, RootModels.ToArray()));
  • Bookmarks are serialized to specified path via xml whenever there's a change.

Explorer usercontrol
  • Added CurrentDirectory, SelectedDirectories, EnableContextMenu/Drag/Drop/MultiSelect/Bookmark dependency property.
  • Added ToolWindow2 mode, which include FileList and DirectoryTree. DirectoryPicker and DirectoryPickerCombo mode, which shows DirectoryTree only (See ToolWindow demo from TestApp.WPF).

Miscellaneous updates
  • Added Open in Explorer and Command Prompt menu item for file list.
  • Added ScriptCommands.IfStartWith() and IfEndsWith() scriptCommands. (just shortcut, those functionality was there).
  • Added UIScriptCommands.RunCommandLine() and OpenCommandPrompt() scriptCommands.
  • UIEventHub: Added a check to prevent crash when drag an item to shell then drag the same item in supported control (e.g. filelist).
  • Moved IDiskProfile.DragDrop to IProfile.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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