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Following a list of update in August 14 (3.0.17) update: (compared with 3.0.15)
Next Update

Miscellaneous updates
  • Removed FSI.Attributes from UI
  • Removed Sidebar debug text from UI
  • Added Alt+D to Toggle Breadcrumb
  • Added Control+W to Open In New Window
  • ExplorerWindow and TabExplorerWindow support Open in New Window (opens another ExplorerWindow / TabExplorerWindow).
  • Explore/Open with.. drop down in Toolbar no longer shown when empty.
  • SmallIcon Mode : item text no longer wrap.
  • Icon mode : Static size icon like explorer.
  • VSExpress edition can compile the project again (Thanks Dirk).

  • New library FileExplorer.Scripting, can be run independently, most script based code is moved from FileExplorer3 to FileExplorer.Scripting.
  • Added DynamicRelayCommandDictionary which create RelayCommand automatically when a script command is set, this is not used by FileExplorer3 as it's tied with ScriptCommandBindings.
  • Rewrite most ScriptCommands (now under ScriptCommands, CoreScriptCommands, UIScriptCommands and IOScriptCommands static classes), they are loggable and serializable.

ScriptCommandInitializer is created to Replace ExplorerInitializer, please update your initializer and initialize your Explorer in the following way, as the original ExplorerInitializer will be obsoluted :
FileExplorer.WPF.UserControls.Explorer exp = explorer as FileExplorer.WPF.UserControls.Explorer;       
exp.ViewModel.Initializer =
    new ScriptCommandInitializer()
        OnModelCreated = IOInitializeHelpers.Explorer_Initialize_Default,
        OnViewAttached = UIScriptCommands.ExplorerGotoStartupPathOrFirstRoot(),
        RootModels = _rootDirs,
        StartupParameters = new ParameterDic()
                { "Profiles", _profiles }, { "RootDirectories", _rootDirs }, { "StartupPath", _selectedPath },
                { "FilterString", _filterStr }, { "ViewMode", "List" }, { "ItemSize", 16 }, { "EnableDrag", true }, 
                { "EnableDrop", true }, 
                { "FileListNewWindowCommand", NullScriptCommand.Instance }, //Disable NewWindow Command.
                { "EnableMultiSelect", true},{ "ShowToolbar", false }, { "ShowGridHeader", false }

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