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Project Description
FileExplorer is a WPF control (not metro) that can replace the Windows Explorer. It supports both FileSystem and non-FileSystem structures, as long as they are in the folder-content (hierarchical) structure. FileExplorer3 includes a TabControl, Breadcrumb, FolderTree, FileList, Sidebar, Toolbar and Statusbar.

FileExplorer3 (previous version : FileExplorer2)
FileExplorer3 is a MVVM project that is based on the Caliburn Micro framework. This a refactored and simplified code base (e.g. MultiSelectionHelper and DragAndDropHelper is merged to a processor in UIEventHub, which support touch now). The BreadcrumbTree has less of a coupling with the FileSystem and a theme update.
Dec14 Update

FileExplorer3 also supports web based services like GoogleDrive, DropBox and OneDrive.

The is also a TabControl interface, which allows multiple open FileExplorer and ToolWindow interfaces

This project can also be re-used by embedding a ToolWindow interface inside your UI:

One can access it's view model to do most stuff, beside changing the parameter directly, internally most code uses the ScriptRunner, which calls ViewModel.Commands.Execute/Async() to run IScriptCommands.
List of ScriptCommands
FileExplorer3 defined a number of UICommands and registered in the view (through ScriptCommandBinding. Users can also use ExplorerInitializer to specify what to do when an explorer is created.

More info can be found on Codeproject (

Compiling the Project:
  • The current version requires Visual Studio 2013 Express to compile the desktop version for this project. Read the Desktop Visual Studio 2013 Express guide for more details.

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