Project Description
FileExplorer is a WPF control that's emulate the Windows Explorer, it supports both FIleSystem and non-FileSystem class, as long as they are in the folder-content structure. FileExplorer2 includes Breadcrumb, FolderTree, FileList, Toolbar and Statusbar.


FileExplorer2 is written using Cinch v2 MVVM framework.

FileExplorer3 is under construction, it will use Caliburn micro framework, and will simplify the code (e.g. MultiSelectionHelper and DragAndDropHelper is merged to a processor in UIEventHub), BreadcrumbTree, less coupling with FileSystem and a theme update.

More info can be found on Codeproject (

Major features included:
  • Shell
    • List directories and files (start from Desktop)
    • Context menu
    • Rename inside the control
    • Drag and Drop support to and from other application
    • Monitor file system so automatically refresh when file system is changed
  • Performance
    • Sub-items are loaded in background
    • Lookup directory in DirectoryTree in background (v2: use bounty system to avoid UI freezing.)
    • Construction of ListViewItems and TreeViewItems are virtualized
  • DirectoryTree
    • Setable root directory
    • Setable and getable selected directory, directory lookup.
  • FileList
    • Multi-Select support using dragging
    • Sort using grid column header, which is visible even in other view.
    • Getable selected entries
    • Multiple view mode (e.g. LargeIcon)

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